Most Wonderful Tribute to Perry Como – Must Watch to the end

Most Wonderful Tribute to Perry Como – MUST WATCH to the end –

When he was an 11-year-old apprentice sweeping floors and stropping razors in Steve Fragapane’s three-chair barber shop in the small mining town of Canonsburg, PA, he dreamed of cutting hair. Several years later, as owner of his own shop, he began to think he would like to sing like a young newcomer to the musical scene called Bing Crosby. He contented himself with serenading his customers with this new style of delivery as he cut their hair and shaved their whiskers until, at the urging of a friend, he traveled to Lorain, Ohio, to audition as a vocalist with Freddy Carlone’s dance band. That trip launched him on his way to a star.

Born Pierino Ronald Como, Perry was the seventh son of a seventh son in a family of 13 children, and he started helping out in the local barber shop to earn extra money for the family at the age of 10. At 14, with no professional barber school training, he had his own shop with two barbers working for him. He worked there after school well into the nights. Young Como was also playing the Sousaphone in the town marching band.

It was in 1933 that he got the job with Freddy Carlone. It was also the year he married his childhood sweetheart Roselle Belline. When he found out that singing with the Carlone band would pay $28 a week, he almost declined the offer since he was making more than four times that amount cutting hair. He took the plunge with what he later termed as “more than a few misgivings.”

Como almost went back to cutting hair in December 1943 when band leader Ted Weems entered the armed forces to serve in World War II and the orchestra disbanded. He was negotiating a lease for the barber shop in Canonsburg when he got an offer from CBS to star in his own radio show. And the rest is History.

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